Welcome to KIA Hatfield

From our website you can browse a variety of KIA vehicles for both the individual and a growing business. We offer a range of KIA's at an affordable price. Browse our website for information on all KIAs for sale on our showroom floor. We have a great relationship with the Hatfield community and we offer new promotions and deals every month to try and give back.

The standard of perfection

At KIA Hatfield, we ensure that all of our cars are up to scratch, giving you new and used cars that are guaranteed to drive smoothly and reliably. Our parts are all sourced directly from KIA, this in combination with our top-quality mechanics that ensure that every car that leaves the shop floor is working to the best of its ability. KIA has been a major player in the market for years, always perfecting their cars to suit any and all people.

Durable and reliable vehicles

Delivering durable and reliable cars is our passion and here at KIA Hatfield we give you the variety that you deserve, letting you choose a car that suits your every need. We understand that modern cars are complex machines, but our experienced consultants would be happy to walk you through the specifics, ensuring that you know what you're buying every time.

We’ve perfected vehicle sales

KIA Hatfield comes with years of experience behind us, allowing us to offer cars to the Hatfield community with service that has been perfected over time, making sure that you are walked through every step of purchasing a car. Our website is designed to give you all the information you could need on all of our new and used KIAs on offer, and if you have any questions just give email us, fill in our submission form or call us today.